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Get a BMW Key Replacement in Sydney without Breaking the Bank: Call AutoKey Locksmith for Your Car Key Cutting Needs

Next time you need a BMW key replacement in Sydney, skip the dealership and call AutoKey Locksmith instead.

Losing a car key is a big hassle even in the best of circumstances. If you’re lucky, you will have a spare that you can use until you find the missing key. If you are unlucky, you will be without a replacement, stranded somewhere far away from home and locked out of your vehicle. Of course, you can always call the dealership to cut or program a new key for your car. Unfortunately, dealers tend to charge exorbitant amounts for replacement keys.

At AutoKey Locksmith, we believe that losing or misplacing a car key is an honest mistake. It shouldn’t be an incredibly costly error. Instead, it should be a problem that is relatively easy and quick to resolve. If you need a BMW key locksmith, give us a call instead of ringing the dealer. We specialise in fast key cutting and key programming solutions and offer prices lower than what our competitors charge.

From BMW Car Key Cutting to BMW Key Fob Programming, AutoKey Locksmith Can Do It All

Depending on what year and model of BMW you are driving, you might have a traditional car key or a state-of-the-art programmable key fob. In either case, getting a replacement can be a challenge if you don’t have the original key.

Car keys—both laser cut and programmable—are more complicated than standard house or door keys. Your average locksmith might be able to help you unlock your car, but probably won’t be able to make you a replacement key. The design and functionality of car keys just vary too much from brand to brand, and locksmiths get enough business from home or business lockouts that they don’t need to worry about the automotive side of the industry.

At AutoKey Locksmith, though, we are the opposite of most locksmiths in Sydney. Instead of focusing exclusively on traditional door locks and ignoring automotive, we focus exclusively on car keys. We aren’t just a BMW locksmith in Sydney, either. On the contrary, we can also unlock and make replacement keys for a wide variety of other makes—including Audi, Mercedes, VW, Toyota and more.

If you need a BMW key cutting for a traditional laser key, we can do that with a laser that we can use to cut keys. If you need a new fob programmed to unlock and start your car, we can do that, too. Best of all, our business is 100% mobile, which means we can come to you, get you a replacement key and get you back on the road ASAP—usually within an hour.

Make Your Lost Key Woes Less of a Hassle with AutoKey Locksmith

Next time you need a BMW key replacement in Sydney, don’t call the dealer and pay their expensive, non-negotiable prices. Instead, dial AutoKey Locksmith and let us get you back on the road faster and for a lower price. You can reach us by calling 0408 704 704 today.

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